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Summit 1 DVD: Missing Unit 8 Video
Posted by Lester Pearson Support, Last modified by Lester Pearson Support on 01 December 2009 10:51 PM
Product(s): Summit 1 DVD
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Item: Summit 1 DVD: Missing Unit 8 Video

Below is the link to view the missing "Unit 8" video for Summit 1 DVD.  You should be able to play the video by simply clicking on this link.

You can download the video file, but will need an FLV player to play the file. Below is an example of a free FLV player. 

FLV Player:
  • This will allow the you to play FLV formatted videos.
Download Summit video FLV file and save to your desktop:
  • Open the file after download. It will play in the FLV player.
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