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How to check my microphone Using Windows Sound Recorder
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Item: How to check my microphone Using Windows Sound Recorder

If you are experiencing issues recording sound in any of our software, please first check your computer to make sure that the default Sound Recorder is working properly. If you cannot record or playback recording using the default Sound recorder, you may be experiencing some issues with microphone or sound card.

To use Sound Recorder, you must have a sound card and speakers installed on your computer. You will also need a microphone for recording purposes.

Windows XP:
  • To open Sound Recorder, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to Entertainment, and then click Sound Recorder.

  • Click on Record button to start recording and then speak in the microphone.  

  • Click on Stop and then Play to listen to your recording. If you are not getting any audio playback, your microphone or speaker may not be working properly.

Windows Vista:
Where to find Sound Recorder

The Sound Recorder shortcut can be found in Start -> Accessories.

Sound Recorder

Alternatively, you can search for the word 'sound' in the Start Menu search box.

How to record sound

Once you have started Sound Recorder check that your microphone is plugged into the sound card. Also, don't forget to check its sound level in the Volume Mixer. If it is on mute you won't be able to record anything.

When you are ready, click on the Start Recording button.

Sound Recorder

To stop or pause the recording, click on the Stop Recording button.

Sound Recorder

A new window will pop-up asking you to type the file name and the location where the recording will be saved. In this window you can also specify information such as the artist name or the album (if it is the case). If you want to save the recording in another folder than the default one, click on the Browse Folders arrow.

Sound Recorder

Go to the desired location and click on the Save button.

Sound Recorder

If you close the previous window without saving the file, you will have the option to resume your recording. Click on the Resume Recording button and continue.

Sound Recorder

When finished, click on the Stop Recording button again and save your recording.

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