What are the differences between a “Master Course” and “Linked Course”?
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There are two types of courses an instructor or coordinator can create:

  1. Master Course: a course that has been created from the a product (example Longman English Interactive). The creator of the master course can customize the study plan by hiding or reordering content and setting course properties.  A Master Course can be copied. Once a course is copied, the copy becomes a new master course. Such a course maintains all of the customizations of the course it was copied from.
  2. Linked Course: is a course that links to a master course. A linked course maintains all of the course settings and customizations of the master course, but the instructor who uses a linked course cannot customize it. A linked course is useful for instructors teaching multiple course sections, as they can create a master course to control all of their course customizations in one place. They can then create linked courses created from the master course for their other classes. Linked courses are also useful for a school's Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator could create a master course and allow other instructors to link to it in order to maintain consistency among all classes.  Instructors courses which are linked to the master course will not be able to customized the study plan.

How to create a Linked Course?
To create a Linked Course, you first have to create a Master course. During a master course creation process, you will have the option to select Course Copy Availability.
Select “Available for link” from the dropdown and process as usual.

How do teacher join a Linked Course?

  1. Login as a teacher
  2. Click on the Create a Course button.
  3. Selection “Copy or link to a course from the public course list” and then click Next.
  4. Under “Refine your Search”, select Course ID and then enter the Master Course ID.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the process. 
  6. When done, you will get a course ID to give to your students.
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