Audio Player buttons are disappearing after clicking on play or the screen goes black
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Product(s): See below for list of affected products

This applies to the following products:  

Business Connections FC Gold Interactive   Focus on Grammar Interactive (All Levels) Fundamentals of English Grammar   First Certificate Gold Interactive (FC Gold)
Market Leader Interactive Talking Business Intermediate
Longman English Interactive (All Levels) Longman English Assessment (LEA) Grammar Express Basic (All Levels)

We have discovered that ehe latest version of Flash Player is breaking this particular Flash engineer and rolling back to the previous version of “Flash Player” should resolve this issue.  We are currently working on a more permanent fix for future release of the platform.

Please follow the below steps to resolve this issue.

* Windows Users
* Mac Users

Windows Users

Here are the steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Verify you are using the supported version of flash (Flash Player If you are using the latest version, proceed to step 2.
    A. If you are unsure of the version of Flash plugin you have installed on your Internet browser, run the Flash Player Test.
    Flash Player Test page

    B. Or simply right click on the Flash element and you will see “About Adobe Flash Player [version number]”

  2. Uninstall Unsupported Flash Player
    Close all Internet browsers.
    RECOMMENDED: Download and run Uninstaller --

    Alternatively, you can also uninstall Flash Player using Add/Remove programs.
    From your Control Panel >> click on Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features.

    *** If you are using Internet Explorer, remove “Adobe Flash Player 10”
    *** If you are using Firefox, remove “Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin”

  3. Install Supported Flash Player
    Click on the below links to download and install the support Flash Player plugin
    *** Internet Explorer Flash Player Plugin
    *** Firefox Flash Player Plugin
  4. The software should now work fine.

Mac Users

Here are the steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Please see Adobe's website for instructions on how to Uninstall Flash Player | Mac OS. Click here.
  2. After you have uninstalled the flash player, restart your computer.
  3. Install Supported Flash Player.
    Intel Mac: Click here
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