My product subscription has expired. How to I extend my product subscription and continue where I left off in my course?
on 16 June 2009 09:41 AM

The below steps provide instructions on how to extend your current or expired product subscription.

  1. Contact your school or Pearson representative to buy a new access code for the product you have been using.
    In the United States: Click here to contact your Pearson Longman sales representative.
    Online Store (buy online):,1205,store-14563_id-2,00.html

    Outside the United States: Please contact your local Pearson office.
  2. Once you have the new access code, go to the product website and click on the Registration option.
  3. On the Pearson product registration page, click on “Yes” and then entered your existing login name and password.

    Note: If you select the “No” option, you will be registering a new account and will have to create a new login name and password. Your previous work would not exist under the new account.
  4. Enter your access code and then click on Next.

  5. On the Account Information page, you can review and update your account information as needed and then click on Next.
  6. That’s it! You have now extended your product subscription and should be able to continue your work.  


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