Top Notch 2nd ed/Summit patch
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Product(s): Top Notch/Summit (ActiveTeacher/ActiveBook)
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Item: Top Notch/Summit patch (ActiveTeach & ActiveBook CD/DVD-ROM) for Windows and Mac OSx

What's the issue?

When I try to run the Top Notch or Summit (ActiveTeach/ActiveBook) on latest Windows or Mac computers, I get an error message or the application doesn't open. Please see below links to download the patch and carefully follow the instructions to install. 


  • If you are using the ActiveTeach and would like to use the DVD portion of the disc, please use the DVD-ROM disc in your DVD Player. This patch doesn't include the "DVD" video partition. The software however has the same built-in videos. 
  • The Speaking activities were removed for patch created for Mac. These activities are not supported on the latest Mac.
  • Flash Player plug-in 10 or higher required. Download at

How to resolve this issue? 

We have uploaded the patch to resolve issues.  Please download the patch and carefully follow the instructions to install.  Once the patch is installed, you will be able to run the software without any issues. 

For Windows/PC Users

  1. Copy the content from the CD/DVD-ROM and paste into a new folder on your computer.
  2. Download the patch for the level you are using.
  3. Replace the launch (exe) file with the file you downloaded.
  4. Launch the software.


TOP NOTCH >> launch exe files.
ActiveTeach CD-ROM (Teacher)
ActiveBook CD-ROM (Student)
ActiveTeach (Teacher)
ActiveBook (Student)

For MAC Users

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Extract the files to your computer.
  3. Double click on Start.html to open the software.


ActiveTeach (Teacher)

ActiveBook (Student)


ActiveTeach (Teacher)

ActiveBook (Student)


If you still experiencing issues after installing the patch, please contact technical support

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