EPIC: Why are my grades not displaying in the Section or Gradebook?
on 24 July 2014 12:41 PM

Product(s): Longman English Interactive, Focus on Grammar Interactive, Longman Placement Test, i-Zone, Azar Interactive, FEGi, TDI

To fully complete a section and see the grades, all activities within the section have to be completed and in the final state (Try Again). The student has to click on the "Check Answers" button twice on each activity page within the section. The Check Answer button will change to "Try Again," showing that the activity is in the final state.

How Activity Grading Works >>

  1. When the Check Answer button is clicked the first time, the activity page displays the correct and incorrect answer. The student is given the option to make corrections and should click on the Check Answer button again.
  2. When the Check Answer button is clicked the second time, the Check Answer button changes to "Try Again showing that the activity is completed and in the final state.
  3. The student then clicks on the next arrow to move the next activity and repeat steps 1 & 2.
  4. Once all activities are completed within the section (in the final state "Try Again"), the grade will be submitted for that section and will display in the Gradebook
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