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MyEnglishLab Batch Registration Assistance
Posted by Lester Pearson Support, Last modified by Lester Pearson Support on 11 April 2018 06:09 AM

Need Help Registering Your Students?  We can assist you!  Simply complete the attached form and email as an attachment to Allow up to 3-5 days turnaround. We will register and enroll your students into your course.

Here is what we will need:

  1. Full Name: We will need the full name of the student.
  2. Email Address: We need the email address just in case the student forgots his/her login name and/or password. If you don't supply this information, we can use the teacher's email address.
  3. Login Name & Password (Optional): We can setup generic Login name and Password for your students. Students can reset password once logged into MyEnglishLab 
    Note: If you are using a platform, like Blackboard, we can register your students using their blackboard login name if you supply this information.  Please do not supply the password.
  4. Product & Level: Make sure to indicate the product name and level. Example: Focus on Grammar, Level 1
  5. Course Name & Course ID (Optional): If you already have an instructor account and have created a course, we can enroll your students into this course already setup.  Simply indicate the Course Name and Course ID. We can only enroll up to 50 students per course. If you don't have an instructor account, we can create one for you as well but you will have to let us know the Course Name preferred.
  6. Access Code: We can register your students with or without a student access code.  If you have the student access code, please supply. If we register your students without the access code, the student will be prompted to enter the access code at login.

Want To Do It Yourself? Click here to download instructions on how to batch register and enroll your students. It can take up to an hour if you have all the necessary roster information. 

 myenglishlab_registration_assistance_2-4-2014.xlsx (17.72 KB)
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