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MyEnglishLab: How to access the eText from within MyEnglishLab
Posted by Lester Pearson Support, Last modified by Lester Pearson Support on 17 December 2014 05:26 AM
If you have registered a MyEnglishLab product with access to eText, please see below instructions on how to access the eText. 
  1. Once logged into MyEnglishLab, click on the Course tab and then select your course.
  2. To open the eText, click on the eText icon. This will open the eText in a separate browser window. 

  3. For Teachers ONLY: If you are using an eText product that has teacher's resources, you can open these resources by using the eText side navigation.  If you are not seeing the teacher's resources in the side navigation, please click here to contact technical support and provide your login information.
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