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Focus on Grammar upgraded version now available
Posted by Lester Holmes (US) on 09 September 2014 11:03 PM

Hello Focus on Grammar users!

We are excited to inform you that we have released the upgraded and improved version of Focus on Grammar 4th edition powered by MyEnglishLab.

Okay, What's In This Upgraded Version?

  • We have simplified the registration process and interface, and added 15+ interface local languages
  • We now support tablets! Use you iPad and Android devices (see system requirements)

  • More intuitive Gradebook that allows teachers a more detailed view of student progress
, Common Error Reports, Diagnostics Reports.
  • Teachers can now assign work to students! Don't want to assign work, no worries.  Students can still work on their own.
  • Teachers can now batch register and enroll student into a course in a single go! Students never have to see registration page.  (See batch registration instructions here)
  • Teachers can now listed to audio recordings from students!
  • And much more...

For Teachers: What's Next?
If you are a teacher currently using the old system (used to login here?), you can now log into the new upgraded version of MyEnglishLab: Focus on Grammar using your current login name and password (Cick here to login now). All you have to do next is Create a Course and give students your new Course ID to join your course. Need instructions? See our First Day of Class document.  

If your current login credentials do not work or your need a new instructor account, no worries, we got your back.  Click here to contact your local Pearson Rep to request instructor access code.

For Students: What’s Next?
All students will have to register a new student access code to use the new upgraded version.

If you are currently using the old version and needs access to the new upgraded version, send your login name to technical support. We will give you free access code to register for the upgraded version. Click here to contact tech support.

If you are a new student, see below instructions on how to register your student access code. If you need to buy access codes now and have it emailed to me, click here.

How to Register, Login and Join a course (for students)?

  • Click here to register your student access code: 
  • After registering, click here to login.
  • Enter your login name and password.
  • To join a teacher course, click on Settings from the top navigation bar.
  • Click on Join a course. Enter the Course ID and click OK to confirm. You have now enrolled in your course and the Course Name and ID are displayed within 1 minute.
  • Begin working.

Need Help?

Visit our new Training and Support Center at You will find a lot of helpful information on this website, like:

Many thanks for choosing a Pearson product!

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MyEnglishLab Training and Support Centre now available!!!
Posted by Lester Holmes (US) on 27 January 2014 01:07 AM

Visit our new Training and Support Centre for:

  • News and Updates
  • Getting Started Materials
  • Training Videos
  • Downloads
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Dedicated Technical Support and Live Chat
  • and more...


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Online Products Browser Tune-up Check Now Available
Posted by System Admin on 11 April 2012 06:35 PM

Ensure you have the right browser and plug-ins to enjoy full functionality of MyEnglishLab and other online products.

The Browser Tune-Up utility will tell you whether or not media players and plug-in programs are present on your computer and, when they are present, whether they are up to date.

  • Click this Browser Tune-Up link to open and work with the Browser Tune-Up.
  • In the list of plug-in programs in the center of the Browser Tune-up window, a green check will appear for plug-ins that are currently installed.
  • For a plug-in that you need but which is not installed, you will see a red x. Click the name of the plug-in to download the latest version. In some cases, you may need to register for the player or plug-in, and you may need to restart your computer when you finish the download and installation.
  • When you finish installing the players or plug-ins your website requires, close the Browser Tune-Up, restart your browser, then return to your product page to login and begin using the product.
  • Note: To view the Pearson eText, you will need Flash version 11.2 or higher.


MyNorthstarLab, MyLanguageLeaderLab, or MyAcademicConnectionsLab

You will also need:

IMPORTANT JAVA ALERT: Make sure you have the correct version of Java installed before running the Record Tool Setup Wizard.

Download BlackBoard Voice Recording

Experiencing problems with the BlackBoard Voice Recording Wizard?

  • Note for Mac Users: The Chrome Browser for Macs is not compatible with the BlackBoard Voice Recording tool. To complete BlackBoard Voice Recording activities on a Mac, use either Firefox or Safari. This does not affect PC Chrome users.

  • For all other issues, view the Troubleshooting Guide.

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